Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A MOBster turns to podcasting: Runaway boards of trustees 

Douglas Bass of Belief Seeking Understanding is Podcasting. Today's is on academic freedom, and he adds a reading to his podcast.

His focus is on The King's College, who has lost accreditation due to one Regent, John Brademas. Stanley Kurtz picked up the story in the Corner yesterday, as well as the Naomi Riley op-ed in the NYPost that Douglas linked. The college has its own site on the issue, deciding to go at Brademas rather than pretend the accreditation issue -- which if left alone will lead to this school being shut down. These articles suggest that Brademas has bias against the religious nature of King's, and did not evaluate its educational mission and outcomes.

There is, atop the issue of Brademas' own behavior, the fact that the board of trustees voted with him and against the recommendations of its own staff. This board has had problems in the past.