Friday, February 11, 2005

The many gifts of radio 

Coming back from lunch a colleague stopped me with a younger man, maybe 35, who said he had me as a student in the early 1990s. (That'll make a guy feel old!) The student now is successful in finance and looking to connect more with the business school here. He mentioned that he had heard me a few weeks ago on the radio. Other faculty look agog when they hear I do this.

Another note came from an old grad school friend:

Heard you ever so briefly on the local station KRLA whereby you were wrapping up a possible Bush halo effect discussion if Mid-east peace became a reality. What are the chances? A) Slim; B) Fat; or C) No. . . . .

Heard the voice and tracked back from "A Shot in the Dark" reference and see that you "da man" in Minnesota. . . . . I hope all is extremely well. . . . .

It is indeed, when so many nice reunions occur as the result (though I don't think I was talking about Mideast peace). But I hadn't heard from this guy in ten years; I helped fill his house with many fine imported beer bottles from Liquorama back in the day. Damned cool!

Another fine gift was sitting directly across from Lileks as we filled in for Hugh Hewitt. His energy expresses through his eyes in a way that you don't really feel on the radio; conversation with him is as much visual expression as words. Unlike the regular studio sitting in a semi-circle, we were across a small conference table, and I am looking into the Forehead of Delphi. Three words kept going off in my head: "don't screw up, don't screw up, don't screw up..."

And of course, Piston Mitch close enough to give me whatever variety of dengue fever he's carrying, and whispering with the Elder during the debate, and thanking the First Mate for saying she needed a King fix on the radio Weds. night, and having a thank you to NARN from Scott on stage. And many, many MOBsters like Jordan, Steve (Danica -- get on his blog NOW!), the official blogscribe of the debate Doug, DC, and I'm sure I forgot some and I am very sorry for that.

Many many gifts.

I have much work to do the rest of the day, though the schedule is about done at last. It may be late tonight before I write again, and even then maybe not. Have a great weekend.