Wednesday, December 15, 2004

What do Cuba and SCSU have in common? 

Lots, actually. Here's just one.

Cuba's most senior US diplomat says he has been warned by the government of serious consequences unless he takes down Christmas decorations in Havana.

James Cason says he will not remove the display at the American interests section, which includes a reference to 75 dissidents jailed last year.

And at a U.S. government facility no less!

The display at the US interests section - so-called because the United States and Cuba do not have diplomatic relations - includes a huge white Santa Claus, an image of galloping reindeer and a flashing sign wishing Cubans a Happy Christmas.

A large figure 75, is picked out in neon, inside a large circle.

Might need to redesign my card. (Hat tip: Best of the Web.)