Thursday, December 30, 2004

UPDATE: Yanukovych loses last appeal 

According to Maidan, he's out.

Today, December 30, 2004, civil court judges of the Supreme Court of Ukraine dismissed the last of the four complaints filed by Yanukovych about the violations that, in his opinion, occurred during the re-voting held on December 26, 2004.

Today, civil court judges of the Supreme Court of Ukraine who were deciding on the case filed by Yanukovych reached a decision for the case to be dismissed and returned to Yanukovych. In his fourth complaint, Yanukovych disputed the election campaign rights, election funding, provision of public measures before and during the election day.

Particularly, in its statement, Supreme Court of Ukraine established that complaint filed by Yanukovych does not contain clearly stated claims about the inactivity of the Central Election Committee. Also, Yanukovych did not explain in his complaint what actions established by the legislation of Ukraine are supposed to regulate organization and implementation of the presidential elections in Ukraine. The complaint also does not contain suggestions on how to reinstate rights and legal interests of the petitioner.