Thursday, December 09, 2004

The University of Michigan converges on SCSU 

Erin O'Connor says that the University of Michigan is seeking to create a university requirement for three credits of "gender and sexuality" course.

The Gender and Sexuality Course Committee wants to see all undergraduates compelled to devote 3 credits of coursework to the study of gender and sexuality (it takes 120 credits to graduate). The group claims that it is not motivated by an activist agenda because it is working within the university's formal procedures; that's a smokescreen, however. The group's stated rationale for why all undergraduates should have to take a course on gender and sexuality is unabashedly ideological:

A Gender and Sexuality requirement will create new dialogues, challenge hegemonic discourse, break taboos and stigmas, and open up realms of communication between all students.

In other words, this is a course requirement that would force all UM students to undergo a mandatory process of political consciousness-raising.

Seems to me we've already got that here. It's the pledge that keeps on giving.