Wednesday, October 13, 2004

What to do about Minnesota's education gap? 

I had a couple, both well-educated, talk about what they were hearing on Minnesota Public Radio about the education gap here. It's large, they said, and they don't know what could be done to fix it since so much of it seems to be the parents. Craig Westover is suggesting universal tuition tax credits, and is encouraging people to vote for their choices for a discussion.
The key to the �Universal� Tuition Tax Credit concept is that it allows any taxpayer (individual or corporate, parent or grandparent, neighbor or friend) to contribute to the education of any K-12 child (relative, neighbor�s child or to a low-income student scholarship fund) at any Minnesota K-12 school (public or private).

The UTTC is a direct dollar-for-dollar tax credit against one�s Minnesota tax liability. The maximum allowed tax credit per student is 50 percent of the state per pupil cost for public education, so public schools retain funds even when students opt out.
A "classical liberal" solution!