Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Start of leftist conference season 

Dave Huber and John Ray discuss a seminar by one Center for Global Tolerance and Engagement called "Could America Be Satan?" John notes, "Leftists really are weird enough to think it promotes tolerance to label hundreds of millions of people as being Satan." Dave finds one of the organizers' blogs to be, um, interesting.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, our near neighbors at St. Johns and St. Bens are having a peace conference in which one session isn't doing much for female unemployment rates:
�Women in the Military: Is it Equality or Assimilation?� presented by Chante Wolf and panel of veterans. Looking at the job opportunities for women in the military. Is the military really a job opportunity or assimilation to growing violence, through coercion, intimidation, physical and mental violence, misogyny, homophobia and racism as the core to military discipline? What makes a woman proud to be: an F-16 fighter jock known as "killer chick"; photographed with a smile and thumbs up with an Iraqi POW corpse; a medical corp person who knowingly with held information about prison abuse; or a combat veteran?
They should invite Trunk, but he might be busy with TV and all that.

Miraculously, the local Amnesty International chapter on campus has decided to protest Darfur instead. I'd be delighted to agree with them, but I'm leery.