Thursday, August 19, 2004

Smile of the day 

From whom else but Mike Adams? He offers to debate the usefulness of gun laws for women at women's center programs.
I am writing to offer my expertise, free of charge, to Women�s Centers around the nation that are interested in combating violence against women.

� It is my opinion that the response to the problem of violence against�female students has lacked a diversity of viewpoint. Specifically, there has been a lack of discussion about the possible benefits of gun ownership among women, particularly those who have been harassed, stalked, or otherwise victimized in the past.

As such, I would love the opportunity to visit your campus to talk about the following:

*The benefits and responsibilities of gun ownership in general.
*The desirability of concealed carry permits for women.
*The basic rules governing the use of deadly force.

Since I am traveling extensively in the coming year, I believe that I will be able to coordinate a visit to your university sometime in the coming months. Again, the lecture would be provided at no cost to the university.
I request that Dr. Adams offer this speech to some other schools that might be more grateful than the ten women's centers that either have not answered or declined his generosity. Adams explains the other programs offered in lieu.
Oh well, at least I tried. After all, most of these centers will be sponsoring the Vagina Monologues later this year. That should be enough to scare most of the men away. So maybe they don�t need guns after all. Maybe I just need to see things from a woman�s perspective.