Wednesday, August 25, 2004

My favorite was #4 

Ten questions for a hatemailer who also turns out to be an academic, from Mike Adams (hat tip: J-squared)
Dear Professor Levitt (

I am writing to compliment you on the eloquence of your recent response to my friend Mike Bayham, who writes a column for Mike wrote a recent editorial on John Kerry that irritated you so badly you decided to write him with the following response:

I think turd eating, s*** sucking mother f***** fits you just about right (although your mother was hardly worth it; my Lab Retriever up and caught the clap when he f***** your mama).

The height of polemical eloquence? Perhaps not. But then thrice-used scumbags like you hardly demand much recourse to the thesaurus. Die before you plan to, and in much pain.


Well �NL,� unfortunately for you, Mr. Bayham did an e-mail trace and found out out that your name is Norman Levitt, that is Professor Norman Levitt of the Math Department at Rutgers University.
Then come the ten questions, which I guess were mailed to Levitt who sent this answer:
There are lots of people I don't like and who don't like me� I must say, however, that of all the fools and knaves currently polluting our culture, the scurviest are the two-bit, loudmouthed, spirochete-ridden flacks who peddle horses*** on behalf of the scumbag GOP.
Glad we cleared that up, fella.

JB, you've got some work to do.