Friday, August 20, 2004

Another note on novice politicians 

Another reported weirdness in the campaign for the 6th Congressional District (see my updated post below for more). Again from Hot Talk with the Ox this morning (Ox was gone, so Don Lyons at the helm), it appears the Wetterling campaign backed out of two debates with incumbent Mark Kennedy scheduled for August 24th in St. Cloud and August 25th in (not sure I heard this right) Elk River. It appears the challenger had realized there would be a conflict with family plans for a wedding for her daughter (scheduled to occur later in the month). According to someone at the Kennedy campaign, the debates were planned in early July. Don read a letter from Wetterling's campaign office offering alternative places to have "meetings". I can't find a copy of the letter on her site.

There's nothing wrong with this, though it's sloppy and a bit rude to bail on the debates for next week at such a late moment when the wedding probably wasn't an unexpected event. It does suggest again, however, some inexperience in running the campaign. Late Money Isn't Like Yeast -- it better be coming with a few professionals, or that bread will be toast shortly.