Monday, August 30, 2004

And so it begins 

As the fall starts, so too are the announcements of events on campus. Here's one that smacks of the uses people see as appropriate to a campus announcement list and the public:
SCSU will present a premiere showing of �Wellstone!� a film by Hardworking Pictures of Minneapolis on Monday, October 25 at 7:00 in the Atwood Ballroom. The film explores the origin of Paul and Sheila Wellstone�s politics, Paul�s controversial road to the Senate, and the legacy of a life of progressive populism. The film will be shown on the 2nd anniversary of Paul and Sheila�s death, and one of the film makers will make a special introduction of the film. All parking lots will be open for the public after 6:30. (Thanks to Public Safety for this generous accommodation.) This event is sponsored by NOVA, College Democrats, Democracy Matters, People United for
Peace, Women�s Equality Group, and Campus Advocates Against Sexual Assault.

Note it says "SCSU will present" when it is in fact a few of the leftist groups on campus. Nice of them to think they speak for all of us. I guess this is the follow-on to Carry It Forward by the same group. I have some ideas for theme music.

Thanks indeed to Public Safety for screwing up parking that night for students who might have paid to attend class here.