Friday, July 30, 2004

Speaking of books... 

I only received one other suggestion for a book, which was when reader and colleague Phil dropped off a copy of Bowling Alone. I never have read this and have always meant to, and I will, but I am going to wait until I get back. Besides, I don't think it would blog well and I don't want to possibly lose his book while traveling.

So I've decided to grab Peter Balakian's The Burning Tigris. Say thanks at Organic Baby Farm if you like that choice. I'm going out to the BN in a few minutes and if I grab anything else I'll update this post. Otherwise, we'll start writing about that next Wednesday. BN has the opening of the book available for you to read.

UPDATE: I went ahead and got Baseball and Philosophy because it looked very good after perusing it. Dave knows what I like. But I will do Balakian first and B&P only if I have time.