Thursday, July 22, 2004

So which is stupider? 

The nanny state trying to ban consumer fireworks or local officials busting a Texas hold'em game for "token" prizes because it's "not a game of skill"? Particularly when I play it.

So now we'll need a law to define it as a game of skill.

UPDATE:  Reader Chris S. submitted a letter after hearing the bowling alley's owner on the air:

I heard your interview yesterday with Dave Bischoff and just had to write to inform you of another dangerous game of chance being played at an entertainment facility that helps increase food and drink sales, with nominal prizes awarded and at no cost to enter:  Twingo sponsored by Papa Murphy's Pizza at the Twins game.  Instead of bingo numbers, the card has various plays based on how to keep score.  If a Twin flies out to left and your card has     "F-7", you fill in that square.

Really, this is just ludicrous.  Poker may be a game of chance for us rubes in the midwest, but in California, poker is officially considered a game of skill.

So please have the authorities conduct an armed raid at the Metrodome and apply the lack of real law equally.

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Posted by King : 12:14 PM