Wednesday, July 28, 2004

She's not dead, she's just pining 

J.V.C. comments on the phenomenon among academic bloggers of lighting a candle by the old Invisible Adjunct site.
The faithful are still murmuring: Will she return? Who will be the next IA? How can we live without her? The woman has gone, but her site now highlights another aspect of the academic mindset, one that's not very becoming. You don't need the validation of your brethren; you don't need the validation of anyone. Stop lingering by the tomb. Take a risk. Ponder your options--but do it quickly--and go.

I live a different life than these people, since I am not only tenured but as a chair involved in hiring adjuncts like those lingering around the old blog.  But JVC's comments are quite right.  Even in the heydays of the 1980s there were those who took temporary jobs, or jobs in foreign countries, or simply hung around the graduate school another year, waiting for their t-track ship to come in.  Twas ever thus.  So choices need to be made, and made again, and again.