Friday, July 02, 2004

On NARN tomorrow... 

...will be Robert Leuci, author of All the Centurions and inspiration for Prince of the City. He tells the story of his life -- a good cop who succumbs to temptation and then redeems himself by testifying against a corrupt criminal justice system -- in quite fascinating detail. I've read part of it already and I'm going to watch the movie tonight. Hope you can stop by the Northern Alliance show tomorrow, 12-3pm CT on AM1280 the Patriot.

SIDENOTE: I was up at our local BN/Starbucks for coffee and a read of Leuci (Trunk gets all the free copies, damn him) and I see a table full of Dude Where's My Lunch. On one corner of the table is Michael Moore is a Big Fat Stupid White Man. 44 copies of Moore's book, five copies of Hardy & Clarke's. Tim Blair reports that's better than some places.