Friday, July 30, 2004

Diamond Bluff and streaming 

The Northern Alliance show this week is live from Diamond Bluff estates in Prescott, Wisconsin, overlooking the Mississippi River.  (Every time I type Mississippi I spell it out loud.  Why?  There is no other word for which I do this.)  Food, fun, and some giveaways which they haven't even told me about.  I'll be there.  If you can make it live, great.  If you can hear us on AM1280 the Patriot, fine.  And if you can't even do that, starting this week we are streaming!!! You'll need IE 6.0 to pick up the broadcast at this location.

NARN On The Web

We greatly appreciate the Taxpayers' League for helping us get the show on the web.  The show will loop with Taxpayers' League Live and Rabuse on the Right for the remainder of the week, so if you miss the live broadcast you can pick it up again at 6pm CT, or midnight, or 6am the next day, etc. 

Hope you'll make it a habit.