Friday, July 02, 2004

Cage match of the literati 

Mitch Berg vs. Doug Grow. Try reading the last Berg sentence in one breath.
Grow begins:

Where's the outrage? Where are the political leaders? Where are the Minnesotans who used to believe so passionately in public education?

The Minneapolis school board went about the business of again cutting the budget of the state's largest school district and laying off ever more teachers at its Tuesday afternoon meeting/wake.

These awful actions were greeted by apathy, mixed only with a little despair.
Maybe Minnesotans got tired of the Minneapolis Schools' endless Arromediojeering; the institutional arrogance of the teachers' unions and the educational-industrial complex which resulted in ever-less learning for ever-more money, the enforced, one-size-fits-all mediocrity that public education has come to represent, the hijacked agenda that has the schools teaching values that many parents find repellent, and the social engineering that underlay the decline of the cities as well as the schools - simultaneously using the cities as a warehouse for the poor and using the schools to promote a culture of victimhood that makes the poor regard poverty as a virtue and victim status as an asset.
Now try making that one sentence your thought of the day. Advantage: Berg!