Friday, July 30, 2004

Another school gets religion 

The University of Oklahoma has decided to quickly settle a lawsuit in which it was charged with religious discrimination against a Christian student newspaper. The newspaper had requested $2,300 from student government but received on $150, while another student newspaper had received $4,750. According to The Chronicle of Higher Education (link for subscribers only)
The chairman of the student-run committee told the editors that they had received little money because university policy prohibited the use of student-activity fees for "religious services of any nature."
This is of course contrary to Rosenberger, and the university's legal counsel, Joseph Harroz Jr., realized that the original student code was in error.
As soon as we saw the lawsuit, there was no question what the appropriate decision was. It was one of those one-phone-call, very amicable deals -- it was not adversarial at all.
The two students, now graduated, gave money net of lawyer fees to the newspaper.