Thursday, July 22, 2004

Another reason to love St. Cloud 

At least we now know our daughter has inherited the good Banaian sense of humor.  When I came home a couple of days ago, young one comes bounding down the stairs to my office.  "Mom and I think you have to see this."

"Just drive around the corner and down towards the school.  You'll see." 

"Honey, I'm not good at this sort of thing."  [Bite tongue, refuse to discuss braindeadness of academics.]  "Will you point this out to me?"

"Sure!"  She runs to the car.  I get in and drive towards the school.  Just before it she says "Now just look to the right."

And there it was:



A toilet, out of which came a sunflower.  The tank behind was a planter with what looked like impatiens.  (What, you don't know what flowers were there? --ed.  Hey ed., it's not like I'm Our House or something!)  I did not dare get closer to this thing, so I took this shot from the car with the cameraphone.  But if there is a chance for a better picture, I think it has to go on the template.