Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Another government you shouldn't trust... 

... is student government. As one might expect, they've morphed into the same form of busybodies, tax collectors and ne'er-do-wells that their post-graduate brethren are. Daniel D'Amico writes:
Performing the role of a student government representative is similar to that of performing the role of an actual government representative. While making decisions on matters he has no expertise in, he appears knowledgeable and benevolent. Mastering this technique makes him the perfect candidate for political office by achieving the most needed characteristic of governmental office: the ability to shirk responsibility.

...Most student organizations recognize a left-liberal bias that exists in the SGA budget allocation process. The same liberal bias exists throughout the entire spectrum of university function, thanks to the dependent relationship that has grown to exist between the profession of education and government subsidy. The process of student budget allocation pitches students against students to bid for the attention and support of SGA in an interest group fashion. If this demeaning process wasn't ridiculous enough, look back at the mere logistics of these allocations. Maybe the reader didn't notice what was intended by the figures listed above.

D'Amico describes how one leftist student thought it wrong for a company that runs prisons for profit to advertise for guards on campus (the student government passed a resolution) and how a GLBT-LSMFT group got a $10,000 grant from the student government to hold a fundraiser to raise ... $3,000.

You can find examples of this here. A few years ago the student government rallied to get 13% of the student body to vote on a referendum to raise "student activity fees" (the euphemism applied to student government taxes) for building a new football stadium and a recreation center, and such vital student needs as a skyway. Students are now paying those taxes, but many of those who voted have (we hope!) graduated. They are also happy to use tax dollars to hand out free bus passes, which of course are useless to the many students who commute to SCSU from out of town.