Monday, May 10, 2004

Why I won't be back 

My wife and I enjoyed three idyllic years in Claremont in the early 1990s while I taught at Pitzer College. I've discussed before how its president has managed to make the sheepshead deck. But it's worse than this, according to Edward Cline.
Retired news anchor Walter Cronkite will speak in May at commencement ceremonies at Pitzer College in Claremont, California, together with Bernardine Dohrn, "Clinical Associate Professor of Law" at Northwestern University. Dohrn is a former terrorist and member of the "Weather Underground," which fomented violence at the 1968 Chicago Democratic national convention, bombed the Capitol and the Pentagon, and performed numerous crimes such as armed robbery and property destruction.

In 1969 the future professor of law also hailed the murders of Sharon Tate and seven others by the Charles Manson gang with a victory sign and verbal approval. Her planning role in the Weather Underground's crimes, which she has never regretted or repudiated, should have earned her at least a life sentence; she did seven months on a technicality. But, she is an "associate professor" and will speak to college graduates, and doubtless Pitzer College will not need to spend money on special security arrangements to ensure her safety and right to speak.

Meanwhile, let a career Mideast scholar such as Daniel Pipes try to speak on invitation in Canada or at Berkeley about the war on terror -- provided he is even invited -- and special security must be hired and his potential audience searched for weapons.
Ami Naramor at the Claremont Institute also notes Dohrn's invitation. Thankfully there are many campuses in the Claremont Colleges; other campuses have invited Walter Cronkite, Gloria Steinem and Bill Bradley for their commencements. Not a conservative in the bunch, but at least the others do not glorify murder like Dohrn.