Thursday, May 27, 2004

DFL busted for LWI 

That is, Legislating While Intoxicated. The Democrats (Democrat-Farm-Labor, or DFL for those of you from out of state) of the Minnesota Legislature were exposed by a local television station drinking during the waning days of the last legislative session. The Northern Alliance is having a blast with this one. Says the Elder:
If the DFL is looking for a new theme song for this year's election I might suggest a BTO classic. They're taking what they're given, 'cause they're Drinking For a Livin'.
and Saint Paul
[State Rep. Steve] Wasiluk issued a statement to the station saying: "I sincerely apologize for my recent behavior. If the public feels additional laws should be passed to improve public confidence in the work of legislators, I would vote for it."

Please pass a state law, prevent me from drinking on the job again!

Actually it might not be such a bad idea to outlaw legislating while drunk. It seems only fair since the government has already outlawed the citizens from voting while drunk. Seems to me if we can't ease the pain of Minnesota government by drinking ourselves numb, they shouldn't be able to either.
and Captain Ed
Now the DFL wants Governor Tim Pawlenty to call a special session in order to pass a bonding bill, which would allow them to add pork to the booze. Pawlenty should instead close down Animal House/Senate and consider some way to put Otter, Bluto, and the rest of the Senate boozehounds on double-secret probation. While he's at it, he should check into a special prosecutor to look into all that free booze -- and anything else -- supplied by the lobbyists to the DFL.
. I was going to check PowerLine's reportage, but I can't seem to get past Miss Sweden.

It's not at all uncommon to find bottles of vodka in government offices in the former Soviet Union, and I can tell you of a wild International Woman's Day passing out champagne and chocolates at the National Bank of Ukraine. (It ended with a broken wrist; long story.) But the all-night party-till-you-puke bash at the Senate ended with a Borking, a far worse way to spend good booze than we did handing out flowers to all the women in the Monetary Control department.

Perhaps we should not be too critical however. The Senate did nothing but drink and bork. Not nearly as much damage as they might have done.