Thursday, May 06, 2004

Commissionership for sale? 

You may recall in this recent post about the Yecke confirmation that some wondered if the Senate would trade Yecke's confirmation for something else. Well guess what? Logs are rolling.
Day said there was no truth to Majority Leader Dean Johnson's suggestion Monday that Republican senators planned to demand Senate confirmation for Education Commissioner Cheri Pierson Yecke in return for their votes for the bonding bill.

Johnson later said that it was Pawlenty who told him that confirmation of Yecke might produce some Republican votes for the borrowing. Dan McElroy, Pawlenty's chief of staff, replied: "We have been very careful not to make any linkages."
Well, Dan, somebody did. And since the Senate will need at least six Republican votes to pass the bonding bill, it's certainly a logical place for some quid pro quo. So how would it feel to run the Anybody But Cheri campaign and find out your own party's senators sold you out for a new road through his or her town?

I mean, it's just politics, right?