Wednesday, May 26, 2004

And that vacuum cleaner comes with attachments! 

Mitch, fresh off a successful stint as our anchor guest-hosting the Hugh Hewitt show, brings guns ablaze on a stupid PioneerPress editorial on how mad people are that Dick Day suggested that the Minneapolis and St. Paul schools, um, Hoovered.
The schools do suck - despite the best efforts of some excellent teachers and principals.

They suck because the Teachers Union has spent a couple generations turning teaching into an assembly-line job.

They suck because the educational Academy has used the public school system as its laboratory, and generations of kids as their guinea pigs, for decades of experiments in empirically-dubious but politically correct dogma.

They suck in the inner city because generations of Democrat/Liberal politicians have used welfare to create dependence among minorities - and used the inner cities as a place to warehouse those dependents. And the schools, de facto, are where the children of the product in the warehouse get watched every day.

Improve that silence, OK?