Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Where there's smoke... 

According to Minnesota Education Reform News , alarms are sounding in the anti-Yecke camp.
Carrie Lucking, a social studies teacher in state Sen. Steve Kelley's district and founder of the Alliance to Block the Confirmation of the Commissioner (ABC), is alarmed. According to a message sent to ABC members:

Ms. Yecke is circling the wagons. Her supporters are sending letters to the Senate at an alarming rate. This must be counteracted...The Senate says they�ve been hearing more from Yecke�s supporters lately than from us! This is a problem! We outnumber Ms. Yecke�s supporters, but our voices must be heard.
Scholar the Owl wonders if the BarSpitoon hit piece has backfired. The Taxpayers League is having a rally tomorrow morningfor, inter alia, the Commissioner's confirmation. A vote on Yecke has been delayed due to a death in one senator's family.