Thursday, April 22, 2004

What our students do 

They work more than they study, according to a new survey from our own survey center. Median hours of work for our students is 20 and median time spent studying is 10 hours. (The median for time spent "going out with friends, sports, dates and similar activities" is also ten hours, plus five watching the tube.) There's also a wealth of information in the survey on students' biggest issues on campus (guess what?!? Parking 28%, Diversity 9%), and on drinking (less than 30% of student stop at two drinks when they choose to drink. No surprise there, eh?)

I think that's newsworthy, but not our local newspaper, which trumpets "33% of students support Kerry". And yes, they do. 25% support Bush, 31% don't know (plus 7% honest enough to say they won't vote.) No surprise there, because in a separate question 36% identify themselves as Democrats, 27% as Republicans and 14% consider themselves independent (as opposed to the 2% who said they considered themselves part of the Independence Party of Jesse Ventura.) Students aren't wild over any candidate right now, which isn't surprising. Perhaps the candidates should just offer them beer.