Thursday, April 01, 2004

President salutes King 

St. Cloud State University President Roy Saigo early today stopped by the office of the Economics Department Chairman, King Banaian, to congratulate him and members of the SCSU Scholars on their blog's 100,000th page view.

Underscoring the university's newly articulated position that differences in political beliefs are as significant as those of "race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, [and] religion," President Saigo offered these words:

It's my belief that it's only through the expression of a multitude of divergent and complementary perspectives that students can learn to think critically in a dialogically correct setting. I embrace diversity of opinion, just as diversity embraces me. I see a day when diversity will engulf the entire ecosystem of my university, empowering me further with an aura of inclusivity and cosmic justice.

I will strive to develop new Key Performance Indicators that will show the progress I am making in welcoming diversity of political opinion to my campus. In all my future surveys about how well I'm communicating, I pledge to ask respondents to identify for me their political ideology, as well as their age, race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, length of service, and university position . . . as well, of course, as their I.D. number. I want to be better able to identify for myself the rich, diverse, and colorful threads that weave together the tapestry that I've come to love as my university.

In the comments section that follows, all blog visitors are invited to add their own words of congratulations and thanks to King. No fooling!