Friday, April 09, 2004

Now turn us on 

Several of the Scholars are emailing about Ludacris' performance and Dave's post a few days ago. The campus paper's coverage of the event starts like this...
On a typical Wednesday night, most of the women at SCSU can be found at the library modeling studious habits and presenting a high moral integrity that would make their parents proud.

But last night, many of the SCSU women could be found at Halenbeck Hall, among a crowd of 5,000 chanting Ludacris lyrics chalk full of sexual innuendos that promote sexual actions most people would be embarrassed to talk about.

Perhaps the best example was displayed when Ludacris rapped his current radio hit, "Splash Waterfalls." His chorus was responded to by women asking Ludacris to, "Make love to me," and inevitably, "F- me."
"Inevitably" because the chorus is a call-response, and those words are the response. You'd think after so many years of diversity education at SCSU we could get unique responses, though. What about, "I don't think this music is a good idea. It is sexist and plays on some of the worst stereotypes about men and women both. I see it as, frankly, kind of juvenile." Or "he's using a woman's body to sell a product."

Yeah, I don't get rap.