Tuesday, April 20, 2004

How commissioners train 

Northern Alliance grand mufti Saint Paul notes that Education Commissioner Cheri "Grace Under Fire" Yecke has a writing style that befits blogging, or at least the PioneerPress. This following quote is from a Yecke editorial that became part of a failed school board campaign in 1992 in Cottage Grove.
"So why is nothing being done? Why are dozens of families with high-ability children leaving this district? If OBE (outcome-based education) is so good for all children, as we are being led to believe, then why don't we have dozens of families fighting to get into this district?''
The PioneerPress piece that Saint Paul quotes says she used "a style of persuasion and advocacy that Yecke continues to use today. She mixes personal anecdotes with selective references to research favorable to her side. She takes an extreme example from her opponent's argument and hammers it hard." I'm sure it's only rightwingers that do this, yes?