Monday, April 26, 2004

Followup on diversity training 

The local paper and the AP wire carry the story today. The diversity warriors are in a howl over the discussion in the papers over "collective guilt".
...whoever else raises the meaningless flag of "collective guilt" should be proud of themselves for managing to get this red herring onto the MPR broadcast regarding the upcoming training..... How's that for a powerful expression of white privilege on our campus and in our state ??
I have not heard the Minnesota Public Radio broadcast that mentions this yet. And it's really surprising for groups that proclaim the presence of "institutional racism" to then decry "collective guilt" -- they would seem to be two sides of the same coin.

Someone else says that this is not about "academic freedom". As the cases at University of Virginia and those cited by Alan Kors in this famous article, the attempt to influence thought and effect beliefs strikes at the very thought of freedom of conscience and thought which are the reasons why academic freedom is granted.