Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Fifth grade activists 

Friend and loyal reader Burt sends along a link to this show in Chicago which describes a group of fifth-graders in a rundown school in the Cabrini-Green area of Chicago that are lobbying for a new school. Byrd Community Academy, whose students are almost all African-American, have invited reporters to the school to see its decrepitude. The school district seems to prefer to move students out of the building eventually rather than build a new building for Byrd's students.

I suppose you could argue, like the assistant principal does, that the project "is already a success because of what it's taught the kids about solving problems without arguing, fighting and threatening." But given the rather poor scores students are receiving at Byrd, wouldn't it make more sense to get the students interested in learning basic skills? If the project induces that, then it will be well worth it.