Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Invisible Adjunct fades to black 

Invisible Adjunct has decided to throw in the towel on her academic career and thus has decided to give up her blog. Of her career change she writes:
Though I must inevitably feel a sense of loss and sadness, it�s thanks to this blog and its readers that I don�t feel the kind of life-twisting bitterness that I might otherwise have experienced. I�ll take with me, among other things, a knowledge of XHTML (which I never thought I could learn!), an undiminished passion for the Scottish Enlightenment, and a heightened sense of life�s possibilities.
Let me note the following about IA: Hers (along with Critical Mass) was one of the sites that convinced me that a blog about academia would work. And she was very generous in telling me about my layouts and discussing a number of academic issues: Politer disagreements were never had in my academic career.

John Bruce notes "we'll all likely run into each other in the buffet line at the heavenly banquet in any case" regardless of her future travels.

A bientot.