Thursday, March 04, 2004

House committee endorses social studies, science standards 

The House education committee passed the social studies and science standards on a vote local public radio is calling "almost party-line". All 11 DFL'ers voted against the standards along with one Republican. The majority was unpersauded by the vague calls for returning the draft to a new committee, as one DFL representative wanted to do. Said Marty Seifert, Republican representative from Marshall,
If it's too big, what's too big? If it's too small, what's too small? If there's something in here that's wrong, tell me what's wrong? And I think that's the point everyone is missing here. We've had weeks to look at this, if not months to look at the base document. Here we are. Let's fix the problem if there's problem with this.
Remember what I said before: If you want these passed, you have to keep Senator Steve Kelley's feet to the fire. Email him and turn up the heat.

UPDATE (3/5): Minnesota Education Reform News has initiated a petition to support Commissioner Cheri Pierson Yecke's confirmation, which is currently held up in Kelley's committee.