Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Shippensburg State to repeal speech code 

Bowing before a preliminary injunction against its speech code, Shippensburg State University has decided to scrap the code altogether.
Shippensburg has agreed to remove the unconstitutional provisions from its Code of Conduct and to replace them with a simple statement requiring students to comply with applicable federal and state antidiscrimination laws. The university has also agreed to pay attorneys' fees and to rewrite its "Racism and Cultural Diversity Policy" in order to make it explicitly clear that the policy is an unenforceable university statement of values and does not bind student conduct or expression in any way. "A public university is free to express the values it holds dear, but it may not require students to adopt those values, and it may not punish students because their opinion and speech dissent from some official university view," said [Foundation for Individual Rights in Education president Alan Charles] Kors. He added, "Shippensburg President Anthony Ceddia made the taxpayers of Pennsylvania pay for his discomfort with the Bill of Rights."
FIRE has more details.