Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Meanwhile, some fool took the stage at St. Olaf 

And no, not this one.

This one.
"We single out potential adversaries who might disagree with U.S. government policy, and almost the first resort, it seems, is a military response," Carter said. "The completely unwarranted, almost unilateral war that we started in Iraq is a typical example of this, and it's not the only one. We brand people [the] 'axis of evil,' and it alienates them. Sometimes their leaders obviously deserve condemnation. But it arouses within their people -- quite often people who are suffering under a despotic leader -- a sense of fear, intimidation, aggravation and even hatred of the United States."
Acknowledging his own military service, Carter defended the concept of a strong U.S. military but said it should be used to
push people toward peace, not war.
I love that, "Acknowledging his own military service." A page out of the John Kerry playbook.