Wednesday, February 04, 2004

How the left wants to teach your child's history 

The leftist history professors at the University of Minnesota have issued a second letter with further objections to the social science standards. This was presented by Prof. Lisa Norling, whose testimony was posted by someone who airbrushes history. This is picked up as well by the rally of the "dozens" in a demonstration of how the standards are Eurocentric. Combining these documents leads me to believe they are making following recommendations:
  1. Betsy Ross shouldn't be taught to our kids, but Cesar Chavez should be. Christopher Columbus is a no-no; Nelson Mandela is a yes-yes.
  2. Steve Kelley is getting his instructions on the Declaration of Independence from these professors
    The Declaration of Independence (Grade 2) did not ?set forth the guiding principles for the government of our nation? (it announced the break from Great Britain and provided political and philosophical justification for this act of revolution).
    So there's no Virginia Declaration of Rights in the preamble of the Declaration? And that document wasn't also the basis of the Bill of Rights? Have these people even heard of George Mason?
  3. The authors stray into economics and declare that "the effects of increased worker productivity have not always resulted in increased standards of living. In fact, these effects have varied widely across time and place." Name one, please. Output per person, which is our measure of standards of living, is a function of the amount of capital each worker has and the productivity of each of these inputs.
  4. Eurocentrism means ignoring Egypt and praising Greece. Well sure, we have to test to be sure people know the significance of the Luxor's architecture. But seriously, if you taught Julius Caesar in high school, wouldn't you have to cover Cleopatra and the pharoahs?
These people take the standards and scan them for words like "racism", "discrimination", "segregation". They are looking for 'hits'. Not enough hits, the document is racist.

I believe the word for that is 'quota'. And quotas don't belong in standards.