Thursday, February 26, 2004

Academic Bill of Rights moves forward in CO 

Do you believe that the Left is its own worst enemy? The Academic Bill of Rights passed the Colorado House's Education committee after a professor threatened a student in front of the panel.
"The very reason why this bill is necessary is what we just witnessed," said Rep. Keith King, R-Colorado Springs. "A professor intimidated a student for his comments in a forceful, harassing manner - exactly the reason for this bill to move forward."

"I am representing students who are ostracized and ridiculed daily by their liberal professors," VanBuskirk, the last of two dozen people to testify, said.

"I also represent students who have been told, 'This is my classroom. I've got my Ph.D., therefore I decide what views are appropriate. I do not want your right-wing views in my class.' Clearly we have seen that the grievance process does not work. Why not send a chilling effect to these teachers so other students aren't told this?"

As he left the podium, Gould, who had just testified himself, got face-to-face with the student and said, "I got my Ph.D at Harvard. I'll see your (expletive) in court. Then we'll see a chilling effect," according to VanBuskirk. VanBuskirk was immediately called back before the committee to recount the exchange. Gould was not allowed to explain.
Prof. Gould appears to have also told off an ROTC student who complained about her professor calling the military "baby killers" while she was in uniform. Again, the state of academia is such that I do not find this outrageous or even surprising. Happens. All. The. Time.