Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Where have I been? 

Everywhere at once, it seems. We're trying to hire people into the department and I started the morning for a phone interview of one (missed the candidate, as it turns out.) Then I went to the House Education Committee hearings on the social science standards. I got to speak for three minutes and answer some questions. I'll give you a longer post on this later; I normally can speak just fine, but today I just never believed a mouth could get so dry without use of an Avo Domaine. I enjoyed myself.

Later, at a secret location in the heart of DFLland, members of the Northern Alliance joined together to discover shared histories of music, radio, and wondering what it would take to create a decent newspaper in Minnesota. One note about the location -- the quality of the graffiti in the men's room was much higher than anything ever read in St. Cloud. At this location I also made predictions on the outcome of the NH primary, which is the place of my homeland. I thought Kerry 31-34%, Dean over 25% and Edwards near 20%, with Lieberman surprising and Clark perhaps fifth and seeyalater.

Drove home and heard the day's woes and did not get here to the laptop and primary coverage until after 9pm. The only surprise watching this stuff now is that Edwards did less than the buildup that was all over the news channels in the last week. How can his talks seem to generate so much noise on TV and so few votes? Kerry is on the TV right now talking to Greta and his face looks tons thinner and he has even less energy than ever. Someone battened down his hair.