Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Emory to vote on eliminating its speech code today 

The full story has been covered by Critical Mass. The code has been in place since August 1988 and four prior attempts at repeal have failed. We hope for success today.

This additional article from Emory illustrates the difficulties of speech codes. Using the code, as Critical Mass has documented, led to censure of another faculty member and sensitivity training, but the aggrived faculty member who filed the complaint for censure also wants a finding of hostile work environment, a claim which failed in the university's Equal Opportunity Programs office. So, she wants the president to overturn the finding. Failing that, we can imagine, there will be a claim to the EEOC, and so on.

Does this sound familiar, SCSU readers?

UPDATE (1/29): Meanwhile, the campus newspaper either gets sensitive or the vapors. They report, you decide?