Thursday, January 15, 2004

City Pages earn a PhD in snark 

Fisking of Comrade Perrin occurs at Fraters and Shot in the Dark. I needn't shoot a corpse. And if Captain's Quarters is the Navy, then Mitch and Saint Paul can argue over which gets to be the Marines or the Air Force. We're just teachers here.

But I would like to note one thing. Comrade le P is upset because of bloggers' habit of painting many opponents with the same brush. Well. If one is a communist, one stands outside the pale regardless of his or her love of good wine and poetry, or that that particular communist is kind to dogs, or what have you. The flavors of communism or socialism don't really matter much. And if you don't think tovarisch is that flavor, then why the venom towards Christopher Hitchens, if not that which comes from confronting an apostate of your own faith?

But fear not, lovers of Lileks. Our man is going to go oompa loompa on Perrin's posterior!

UPDATE: Hugh, that's just funny.

Mr. Perrin is so small a force as to not warrant a frisking. But let's be fair: Let Mr. Perrin start a blog and see if anyone notices. Anyone at all.
We still have to teach the Commissioner some of the lingo.