Friday, December 12, 2003

Judge allows public school to teach about Islam 

"A federal judge has ruled that a California school district didn't violate the Constitution when it taught seventh-graders about Islam."

"Parents who sued the Byron Union School District said students were required to participate in role-playing. It included wearing Muslim clothing, saying Islamic prayers and giving up candy for a day to demonstrate the principle of daytime fasting during Ramadan.

"Critics said the lessons crossed the line between instruction and indoctrination.
School officials said parents were given the option of not having their children participate.

"Federal Judge Phyllis Hamilton found that there was no evidence that students were doing activities with devotional or religious intent.
So what WAS the intent, Your Honor? Promoting healthier teeth? I wonder if the woman knows what Ramadan even is. Dhimmi Watch promises more on this novel interpretation of the Establishment Clause.