Thursday, November 13, 2003

Pronouns are revealing 

"Faculty have lots of free time and get lots of recognition and honors for their work.� Not believing that St. Cloud State University�s President Roy Saigo could have actually uttered these stereotypical words while his faculty members are still working without a contract, this morning I checked out the piece reviewed here yesterday by King. But sure enough, there appear these words.

In the next sentence our President is quoted as saying, �In administration it�s not about what I did, but that the university has risen as a whole.� OK, let�s review our President�s quotes in the article � and count, if we want to be accountable:

Number of times any other university member�s work is complimented, recognized, or acknowledged = 0.

Number of times a first-person singular pronoun is employed = 28.

All too familiar, I�m afraid. Check out the end of this blog from 11 months ago to see how President Saigo was quoted in the Minneapolis StarTribune.

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura was a leader whose credo was, �It�s all about me!� He�s no longer in office.