Monday, November 03, 2003

Airbrushing hockey 

At the National Hockey Center here at SCSU is a shrine to Minnesota hockey stars of years past. One of these is Sam Lopresti, who was a goaltender in the early 1940s for the Chicago Blackhawks and an attendee of our school. Of course, however, Blackhawks is a Native American tribe and these are under attack at SCSU, so, according to this letter to the editors at the St. Cloud Times, someone has covered up the team logo from his shirt.
Whose recent decision was it to paint over the Chicago Blackhawks emblem on his jersey? What gives you the right to change history? A doglike emblem in the center of the words Chicago Blackhawks? And heaven forbid if the Blackhawk image should be seen on Tyler Arnason's jersey display.

This political correctness that plagues St. Cloud State University is becoming an irritant. It is time for the silent majority to become the vocal, questioning majority.

What's next? Banning Pontiac automobiles, Tecumseh engines, and Land O'Lakes butter from St. Cloud State? Come to think of it, animals have feelings too. I don't know about that Husky logo.

It's worth reading the comments (remember that you'll need to look in the archives for this letter after today, and they disappear after a week.) One reader suggests SCSU put its money where its (president's) mouth is:
If it is the official position of SCSU that minority-based mascots are evil, SCSU should not participate in games against such opponents. Forfeit the games. Draw even more attention to the cause by perhaps giving up a chance at a conference, regional, or national championship for the sake of getting the point across.
It will be a cold day in ... wait, it's snowing outside!