Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Whaddya suppose this is about? 

The Faculty Association is the exclusive representative for all faculty and, as such, should be open to concerns, comments and perspectives of all its members. The underlying issues should be given consideration, discussed and processed. As an organization, we have to be able to look at issues from all perspective. Toward this end, I am willing to meet with faculty to listen to their concerns.

The faculty association has a representative democracy governance structure. As you know, each department elects representatives to Senate. The Executive Committee is made up of elected (from either the university or college) representatives.

This type of structure is fully operational when there is representation from all areas. Or else, indeed, voices are lost.
This letter was mailed to us Tuesday morning by the FA President. Yet Tuesday afternoon, when given the opportunity to extend the franchise to vote on the committee to search for the interim dean, what do they do? Keep the vote to their faculty senate.

Do they care about any voices other than their own? Does the perspective of fair-share members matter? Does it really matter if you're in or you're out? Stand by, as we expose more on this issue.