Sunday, August 24, 2003

Ya gotta lay your money down 

The current odds on winning the California recall, via This may be the best early look at the effect of Simon leaving the race.

Angelyne 500-1
Arianna Huffington 40-1
Arnold Schwarzenegger 5-8
Cruz Bustamante 1-1
Field (Any Other Candidate) 25-1
Gallagher 500-1
Gary Coleman 500-1
Gray Davis Remains Governor 3-1
Larry Flynt 500-1
Peter Ueberroth 10-1
Tom McClintock 18-1

For comparison, here's the current info at

Recall Fails (Davis stays) 9-2
Arnold 7-6
Cruz Bustamente 2-1
Ueberroth >50-1
McClintock is over 100-1.