Thursday, August 21, 2003

Rush and eggs 

Maybe the reason we hate the StarTribune so much is not its writers but its readers. Noted by Fraters Libertas today is this letter from someone troubled to find a Rush Limbaugh column in her beloved Red Star:
I was troubled when I saw that the Star Tribune featured a commentary by Rush Limbaugh, a notorious racist hatemonger whose points of view are more about sharpening the sword of divisiveness than uniting us.

He is nothing but a right-wing demagogue and haranguer of the intolerant and undereducated.

The Elder responds:
I've had to put with a continuous barrage of the leftist rantings of Krugman, Dowd, Scheer, and worst of all Molly bleepin' Ivins staring me in the face at the breakfast table day after day, year after year. Publishing one editorial by Rush doesn't even begin to compensate for the suffering that I've endured at the hands of the Strib editorial page.