Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Lay down with dogs, wake up with fleas 

When I quote someone else's writing that includes links, I usually try to include the links. So in the previous post, when I added the update for Shot In the Dark's take on the Cal Poly case, I included two sites he linked to as exhibits of "two-bit bigotry", one of which was Dem-crats.c-m (and I've decided I cannot link to them any more, so disgusting is their site.) So tonight I'm checking referrers and see a hit from something called Rush Limbaughtomy. Well, that's new, I think, and go to investigate. Aw crap. I find someone who must admire Rush, given his impersonation of Rush's pomposity.
It is difficult to describe the feeling of elation and satisfaction with a job so well done that it exceeds all expectations.
Particularly when you have to keep looking up words in the thesaurus.
Readership is up to over 5000 visits in the past 36 hours and the reverse brain-washing is having a ripple effect across the country as thousands of previously Limbaughtomized right wingers begin to gyrate wildly and scream vituperative expletives.
A car crash has 5000 hits -- people like to look at wrecks, and boy you are one. (Can you define a non-vituperative expletive, btw? And what would cause wild gyration? Splitting eardrums from your screaming?) Spoons lit you up, and Mitch held forth, but if you had read our post you would have seen we had nothing to say about you, because there's nothing to say. Your readers and you continue with your anger and your hate for those who disagree with your vision for America. It isn't enough for the likes of you to say "I disagree". You have to find your opponents morally inferior and reprobate.

In other words, you'd make a great academic. Lucky for you, intelligence isn't required. Your "Condi told Willie not to fly on 9/11" crowd can join the professor at UMD looking for the wrench in Wellstone's plane.