Sunday, August 17, 2003

If 500 liberal blogs whine and nobody hears them... 

Shot in the Dark has some observations on how liberal bloggers are coordinating their defense of ... Al Franken.
Blogs on both sides have gotten into big group activities like this. Let's compare them:

  • Right Blogs - Coordinated blogging on Iranian independence day, to draw attention to the anti-theocracy protesters and their suffering, and to support their yearning for freedom.
  • Left Blogs - Coordinated blogging on behalf of comic Al Franken, to support his yearning for relevance.
  • Right Blogs - Gang fact-checking the New York Times, eventually helping to lead to the exposure of a culture of PC and disregard for the truth at the Old Gray Lady.
  • Left Blogs - "Cyber-mooning" Fox News.
As Stuart Smalley said, "Whining is anger through a small opening."