Saturday, August 09, 2003

Financial aid, the gummint, and homework 

Since I know he reads here, two things for Frank from Financial Aid Office:

1. I'll get back to in loco parentis on Monday. I'm avoiding self-references until my archives are unbloggered.
2. Please take a look at this story from Steve at Helloooo Chapter Two.
Right now, though, there is a certain set of loans that is giving us problems, the so-called "parent loans" from the Department of Education. See, these are loans that her parents took out for her college (and now her brother's), and we think it is only fair that we pay them back like the other loans. No big deal so far, right? Hang on, the fun part is coming: they also have parent loans for Danica's [Steve's wife --kb] little brother, so in all they have 4 account numbers in her father's name, all with varying balances and payoff amounts. Her mom was told on the phone that we could send a check to the DoE address with the account numbers on the memo of the check, and the correct accounts would be credited. ...

In fact, any money sent for any amount was being split between Danica's active loans and her brothers on-hold-while-in-college loans. So the loans we were trying to pay off were in fact not getting paid, and her parents were getting past-due notices. She has had to get this fixed herself by calling in 3 times and getting the money transferred around...

This month they decided that they'd only square the accounts TO THE WAY THEY SHOULD BE IN THE FIRST DAMN PLACE (sorry, can't help shouting) if her father, in whose name the account is, calls them up. He hates doing that stuff--gee, I wonder why?--but did it this time.

But the plot gets even thicker: this time they were told, by 2 different people in fact, that they will NEVER be able to credit the money to the correct account.

Yes, they actually said NEVER.
If you read around here, you'll see we Northern Alliancers are into homework. So if someone wants to explain how the hell this kind of thing happens at the "Department of Edumacation" as Steve calls it, the Scholars will award 10 extra credit points.