Monday, August 25, 2003

Bribes to attend diversity training . . . Priceless! 

Today comes word from the new Dean of our College of Business that the President of St. Cloud State University will award �discretionary dollars� to that college on campus that has the highest percentage of its faculty attend this week�s �non-mandatory diversity training sessions,� keynoted by a Penn State administrator profiled earlier by King.

Amazing! Now we know that the "ante has been raised" on meeting one specific "priority strategic" goal for our university. (So much for achieving our "non-priority strategic" goals.) But, hey, what a keen idea! "Let's bribe 'em into attending diversity training sessions, using all the power of the SCSU central-administration purse strings that we can." I never would have thought of such a nifty way to foster intercollegiate "collegiality." How insightful (not to be confused with "inciteful")!

The early betting line on the �winning college:�

College of Education: 2-5
College of Social Sciences: 4-5 (would be co-favorite except for Econ dept.)
College of Fine Arts & Humanities: 3-1
College of Science & Engineering: 20-1
G.R. Herberger College of Business: 500-1

Stay tuned as for more laughs and lunacy when our academic year starts tomorrow.